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I'm interested in this topic as well, is regcure accessible?  If it isn't I
might have a look at regscrub myself.

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Try reg scrub XP provided you are running xp.
Another good one is Advanced System care by Iobit. This is mostly accessible
from the system tray pop-up menu, and is best left to do its thing.
Another one where you will have more control isccleaner or crap cleaner..
they are both worth a look.
Hope this helps.

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  HI. I'm looking to purchase a registry cleaner. Is there one that someone
can recommend and works well with a screen reader such as System Access. I
have just tried Registry Easy Cleaner and found I had to use magnification
to use the interface. I would like one where the speech would read the
buttons. I then uninstalled the program.

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