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Jackie, Traveleyes is exspensive too.    That said, one person went
with them to Italy and enjoyed it and didn't regret paying, though I
imagine she's in pretty well paid work.  Seems the guides or helpers
are given a discounted holiday for their efforts as they can, for part
of the time, go off and enjoy themselves.

Behave yourself, and be good!


From Ray
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Jackie Cairns
Subject: [access-uk] Re: Holidays in America.

Hi Sue

Firstly, regarding your trip to America, I too have heard of Vitalise.
Indeed, I downloaded a copy of one of their brochures and was quite
staggered by the prices quoted.  I can understand how extra costs are
incurred by using sighted guides, but it was guy expensive wherever
you could go.

I'm not a traveller as such, so don't have any experience to offer.  I
do wonder, however, whether Action for Blind People or Traveleyes
could offer any suggestions?

Secondly, thanks very much for your good wishes.  I am making slow but
steady progress.  I get up and dress now, just walking about the house
and doing very small chores.  The trouble is that I run out of steam
very quickly.  But the whole thing should come together if I behave
myself (that's a laugh), and take it steady.  I went out yesterday for
my first walk.  A five-minute jaunt round the block took me 35
minutes, but I didn't care as it meant going outside and having a bit
of air.  I came back and went fast asleep for an hour, that's how much
it took out of me.

Today I had to keep a previously arranged appointment with the
Chiropodist, a short journey that required negotiating a taxi.  It was
a bit of a nightmare because I can't bend at all, so I had to work out
how to get in and out without cracking my head as well.  Anyway,
typical me, I did it so am pleased I've started to do small things.

The great things are that I've got rid of the head pain, dodgy ear,
and pins and needles in the feet that drove me crackers for months.
My next goal is to ditch these horrible white support socks I have to
wear for another three weeks to help prevent blood clotting.  I'll
have great pleasure in turfing them in the bin (laughs).

Thanks again.  A far cry from your American trip, but thanks for
asking for me.

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Subject: [access-uk] Holidays in America.


I may be going to a wedding in America in September of this year and
I'm looking for a holiday with a visually impaired organisation for
around about that time.  I've heard of Vitalise, but I understand that
there holidays are quite expensive.  I'm just wondering if anyone can
recommend any companies in the States who might be able to help me
find something.  I'm also wondering if any of you have been on a
holiday in the States with one of these organisations, and how you
found the experience.

Any advice on this matter would be helpful.

I'd also like to say that it's great to have Jackie back on the list
again.  I'm pleased that you can e-mail from your laptop whilst lying
on your back.  I bet you can't wait to get up and about, but that will
come with time I guess.  I'm pleased you were looked after so well in
the hospital and I'm sorry about the difficulty you've had getting in
touch with in touch (if you know what I mean)!!!

It's been a while since I posted to this list, so I hope you are all
fit and well.

Happy new year to you all and I wish you all the best for 2008.

e-mail sue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mobile 07968825286
msn sue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
skype suemorgan1006

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