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  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 22:59:38 +0100

Hi Ibrahim
I wish there was a register of Jaws experts.

Once upon a time there was a Braille display sold by an international

The customer had a need for training.

Day one
Setup the kit. Run into problems due to Jaws 15 not reading
a script file that jaws 9 was able to read.

It was agreed the trainer would come back on a day to be agreed.
Two months later customer is told the original trainer had left
the company and there was nobody with the right level
of jaws knowledge to assist.

The company asked for help from another well known
Braille displays, and jaws seller.
This company won't help!

So customer discovered a helpful member of staff
at guide dogs, he has agreed to assist.

What amazes me is:

A company seems to have had only one member of staff
with full knowledge of jaws. This means that when this
member of staff left the company, jaws support for Braille, came to

I feel that what is needed to avoid issues like this is
a register of freelance jaws trainers.

Then if a company was short of staff, it could turn to
the register for help.


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Hi Jeff.

Give the technology team a call on 0207 391 2280 and we'll do our best
to help where we can. We also have a technology squad who are
competent volunteers and who will help you with basic to intermediate
computing and technology related issues, but they don't provide
training services. My colleague Madleen has already replied to this
thread, so I will now take my leave, however remember that I am here
on this list and am more than happy to answer any questions you may
have where I can.

All the best, Ibrahim.

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I am in central London, I have never found the RNIB much help.
If their standard of volunteer is like the woman who runs the resource
centre then I am lost.
Any contact would be so welcome.

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Depends on where you live. Here in Kent KAB runs IT classes in
Canterbury, Maidstone and Bromley. I daresay other local societies do
likewise. RNIB also have some volunteers who can help people with IT
issues, although I doubt they would teach. My friend in Folkestone is
doing a computer course which is accredited in Red Hill.


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I would love to do a training course in computing usage,
does anything like this exist in the UK?

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