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Hi Phil yes  type two are the best and I'm not sure whether type one will
If  it turns out not to be the case and yours doesn't work just sell it if
you know someone  who needs one. 
Erica J Cole
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A quick question with hopefully a relatively quick and easy answer...what
type of compact flash cards can I use with my Pacmate Omni qx?
I've bought a Verbatim pro series 2gb cf card today, was half price, I need
one to use my Pacmate on Monday.
I've checked online on the ~FS site and can't find anything that details
what types are / aren't supported although I have a vague recollection of
type 2 cards being mentioned although I can't find anywhere on the Verbatim
packaging about what type it is.
So before I open the packaging and am then unable to take it back can anyone
tell me wither this card will work?

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