[access-uk] Re: Bluetooth on my Asus

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  • Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 17:21:06 -0000

Hi Barbara,


Ignore my last message, you said Function F2, and you're probably right.  I
was thinking for some reason you had the NC10.  I am getting confused with
all these Netbooks floating around <Smile>.


All the best





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I have recently purchased an Asus Eee PC 901 Netbook. It is a fantastic
little device, but more on that later.


I have been trying to use the Bluetooth and while it says it has an internal
Bluetooth erial, when I try to open the Bluetooth software it is telling me
my Bluetooth device is not connected. Surely I don't need a dongle when
there is an internal Bluetooth erial? I know someone else on this list has
one of these netbooks, but can't remember who. I would be greatful for any
help offered.




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