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Isn't Web Visim an OCR Engine though?



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Basic reasoning is that those graphics are already of low quality for that 
exact reason, to not be recognised bby the OCR software so auto form filling 
bots can’t be used. So if OCR could recognise this, it’d be kind of counter 
productive and defeat it’s purpose.

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Hi Kevin.

I seem to remember that Eric Dammary in a recent FS podcast about the new 
feature did not recommend it being used as a captcha solver.

He did explain why this was the case, sorry I can't recall the reasoning, but I 
certainly didn't get the feeling that a captcha solution was what was being 
tried for, or indeed offered by the OCR feature.


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Just wanted to give this podcast a plug as it's well worth a listen.


Wondering if the new Convenient OCR functionality in Jaws 13 is going to be a 
better alternative to webvisam for identifying graphics on web pages...  I've 
already heard enough of it's capabilities from the podcast to have decided to 
upgrade when it's available...


Kevin Lloyd
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