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Good one, George.  I like the "Personal Service" bit!


On Friday, September 12, 2008 2:38 PM (UK time), George Bell at george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:

Hi Carol,

Here's an even better link for you to put in their pipe.
Right off Royal Mail's own web pages!

Tiny URL:


Full URL


And while you are at it, see the following with regard to
newly introduced compensation at:




From 1st August 2008 all items sent using the Articles for
the Blind service will be eligible for compensation if they
are lost, damaged or delayed.

For Articles for the Blind items posted with Royal Mail
which have no intrinsic value, or where a customer cannot
provide evidence of posting, there will be compensation for
loss, damage and delay of a minimum of 6 x 1st class stamps
at the first weight step. In the event of a compensation
claim for loss we will refund the postage paid or 6 x 1st
class stamps at the first weight step, whichever is the

For lost or damaged items that have an intrinsic value, with
evidence of posting with Royal Mail (such as a certificate
of posting) and evidence of value (such as an invoice or
receipt) customers will be entitled to compensation for
actual loss up to the value of the item, or 100 x 1st class
stamps at the first weight step, whichever is the lowest;
Read more about compensation.


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Hi Carol,

I wonder how many others in your area suffered the same

Banks, building societies and all sorts send out braille
bills Articles for the Blind, and I'm sure that if this was
a regular occurrence, we'd all be hearing about it.

I'm inclined to suggest you telephone the local Post Office
Sorting Office in your area, and ask for an explanation as
to why Articles for the Blind was ignored in this case?

Now here's the section from RNIB's web page (Link below)
which I suggest makes things perfectly clear.  Note the
words "faithful copy" - which I assume would be true for a
utility bill.  My goodness, how many ways are there to say
"You owe us money."?

"Items not accepted under AFB"

"Music audio (more than two minutes or more than 10 per cent
of the total duration)"

"Printed material in a font smaller than 16 point, unless it
is a faithful copy of information that has been transcribed
into braille, tape, CD, disk or large print, and where it
accompanies the transcribed version."

The Tiny URL is:


The full URL which you can quote to the Post Office is:


If the Post Office dig their heals in and refuse to refund
you, then unless there is a valid reason for not doing so, I
suggest taking this up with RNIB.


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Hi all,

A few days ago I had a card from the good old Post Office
informing me that
there was an item to deliver which would cost £1.42.  I had
been in all day
and they hadn't even knocked the door ... so that wasn't a
good start!  I
decided, reluctantly, to take the option of putting on
stamps to the value
required and posting it back so that the item could be

This morning I got it!  It was none other than a Braille gas
bill, together
with its print equivalent, which I understand was in normal
sized print.

Of course, I was immediately a bit mad to have paid £1.42
for a gast bill
which had Articles for the Blind printed on it.

Please could anyone advise on the AFB rules for posting the
equivalent along with the Braille?  (As our gas bill has
just risen to more
than double, I'm in no mind to be paying out such amounts to
receive bills
from them right now!)  I'd be interested in any comments
about how to follow
this up.


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