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More accurately you might say that it has the facility to have speech
activated on it.  It will not be activated when you first buy the unit
and nor can you enable it until you have connected it to iTunes and
check the option to have it speak menus in the "summary" tab of iPod
Nano options.
The process of making the menus speak involves assigning tags to menu
items and having them spoken by your default SAPI speech engine which
for Windows users you need to go into the Speech control panel to set.
With this it would for example be possible to use one of the SAPI voices
supplied with Jaws 8.0 and 9.0 to speak your menus.  The process above
stated will use some of your flash memory on the unit.
After this process is complete nearly all the menu functinos will speak
and also artist and song info wil be spoken.  I imagine things that
won't speak wil be clock function and anything to do with the calendar
most likely.


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Hi all,
Am I right in thinking it's the new 4th generation of apple's nano which
has the speech on it? and that it will also talk the artist names?
Best regards.

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