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With Outlook closed, go into Control Panel / Mail.  You have 3 buttons
on this window.  One for email accounts, one for Data Files, and one for
Show Profiles.  Start by going into the Email accounts and select the
option in the Directory section to "View or change existing directories
or address books."  Try removing the Outlook address book, then add it
back in.  Open Outlook and test.  If that did not fix the problem, exit
Outlook again and go back to Control Panel.  This time click the "Show
Profiles"  Add a new profile in here.  You'll need all of your account
information like incoming pop server name and smtp server etc.  Once you
get the profile added you should return to the window you started at
with the name of the new profile listed.  Be sure and change the setting
in the lower portion of the profile list to "Always use this profile".
After you've added the new profile and told Outlook to use it, you can
then open Outlook and test it.  That should fix it.


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I am using Outlook XP on a recently bought Pentium 4 desktop with
Windows XP Pro on it. While I was looking around in the possibilities of
Outlook I probably have changed a setting, for now I have the following
problem: If I want to write a new mail, I open a new mail window and
click on TO: The addressbook used to open then, but now I get an error
message that he cannot find the addressbook. However I am still able to
use the addressbook on it's own.

Maybe I messed up a profile, or changed the path?
Anyone an idea how to get this right again?

I saved outlook.pst and installed Outlook again, but I keep getting this
errormessage, so the wrong setting is apparently kept  in Outlook.pst.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Fred de Smeth (Leidschendam, The Netherlands)

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