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You can check it but the preferred way is to permanently stop the item
from running by removing it from where ever it is starting up at.  If
you look on the startup tab it will give you the location of where it is
starting including the path in the registry if it is starting from
there.  Delete it from it's source and it will no longer show up on the
startup tab and you can return msconfig back to normal startup.


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I have windows xp home edition.
When I go to msconfig and uncheck an item in the startup folder, and
restart the computer, I get a nessage that says "you have used the
sysyem config. utility to make changes to the way windows starts. The
system config.utility is currently in diagnostic or selective start up
mode causing this message to be displayed and this utility to run every
time windows starts"

Then it says " don't show this message or launch the system config.
utility when windows starts"  The box next to it is unchecked. Should I
check it to stop getting that message?

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