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It sounds like you need to change your screen resolution.  Right click on a
blank part of your desktop and go to Properties.  Click on the Settings tab
and you should see a slider type of control that shows your current setting.
I'm guessing your at either 640 or 800.  Try sliding the bar to the right.
Yes it is going to make things "smaller" but I think that's what you need to
do in order to see everything.




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Win2K sp4

When I click on start > programs I am not able to view all programs...i.e.
screen shows only two columns instead of three which is needed.  How can I
increase the size on my monitor so that I may view all programs (even if
scrolling is needed). I can see all if I right click on programs and click
on <open all programs> but that opens explorer which, with scrolling,
enables me to view all programs.  This seems to be an unecessary added
step..unlike what I could do with win98 with program manager.

How can I change this?

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