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First of all, was there ANY software troubleshooting done before throwing
all that hardware at the problem?  If not, and your brother paid for this
service, I'd be having a chat with that "computer guru" about some sort of
refund.  Before replacing hardware, I'd start by running msconfig and set it
to "diagnostic mode" and reboot.  Try running in that mode for awhile and
see if the problem still occurs.  If it does, boot into Safe Mode with
Networking support.  Try running in safe mode for awhile.  If any of this
appears successful, then you need to try to isolate the driver that might be
causing the problem.  Sometimes running a repair on Windows and replacing
all device drivers during the repair might do the trick.  If none of that
works, I'd backup the data on the drive and do a clean install of windows.
If it goes that far and still has the problem you can probably start
focusing on hardware.  Power supply would probably be first on the suspect
list, but before replacing I'd try moving the PC to a different location on
a different circuit if possible and make sure it is not being caused by a
power fluctuation.  It does not take much of a power glitch to reboot a pc.
Another step I think you should take is to go to Google.com and type in:

"BC Code: 10000050 and BCP1: FFFFFFFF"
(without the quotes).

You'll get a few hits for some information to review.  Also search google on
just the first error code BC Code: 10000050 and you'll get more hits with
more information to review.




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My brother, who lives in a little country town, is having some computer
problems, and I was  wondering if anyone has any ideas for him. He has a P4,
512mb RAM, using XP.

His comp keeps re-booting. He gets a message about recovering from a serious

His local comp guru has so far changed his motherboard, RAM, CPU, video card
and he got a new tower not including power supply.

Each time something is replaced, it works fine for a day or two, and then it
starts again.

This latest time the error message was -

BC Code: 10000050
BCP2: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000

OSVER 5-_1_2600SP:2_p Product 256-1



The other thing is his screen goes discoloured around the edges of the
monitor when these problems happen.

Any ideas?


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