[24hoursupport] paypal final note

  • From: 0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 11 Jan 2005 15:26:16 -0000

I still can't see what's false about the paypal message, except that there was 
no added email address, and when I clicked on the link, it did not work.

My ebay email goes to a sneak email address dedicated exclusively to ebay 
traffic, which rolls over to my web-based email server account. Sneak email 
identifies that the bogus paypal email used my ebay address.

My web-based email server had put the bogus paypal notice in the spam folder, 
and this email was about five days old by the time I scanned my spam folder for 
anything important before deletion.

I think the fact that the bogus paypal email was five days old, made the sender 
jittery or nervous and they cancelled the reply link by the time I got to it, 
lest anyone bust them for their criminal enterprise.

So it was my web-based email spam folder that stopped them. Otherwise, one 
click, and I could have been wiped out, with only my bank's 90-day 
reimbursement of unauthorized charges policy to undo any damage. Evidently, 
someone got my ebay email address from a past transaction with me, or by some 
other ebay or Internet data-mining process, although their actual identity 
remains unknown.

I was so convinced that no one could learn that email address who would be 
capable of trying a stunt like that. I let my guard down and believed that it 
was a real paypal contact.

Being 'one click' away from disaster like that is not my cup of tea, so I 
cancelled my paypal account. It adds two weeks to the time it takes for 
anything I buy on ebay to get to me, but so what. 

Add my story to the litany of other paypal nightmares, this one from which I 
fortunately woke up in time to look back on it all as nothing more than a bad 

Thanks to everyone for your warnings. You spotted it so fast. This is posted 
that others in the 24hoursupport egroup may also profit from my experience.


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