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<< Add my story to the litany of other paypal nightmares, this one from which 
I fortunately woke up in time to look back on it all as nothing more than a 
bad dream. >>
    Just to play the devil's advocate :)     I have had about 200 eBay
transactions, most of them using PayPal---some as a buyer, and 
some as a seller---and haven't had any problems at all. A lot of the
negative PayPal issues that people hear about occurred before eBay
bought them out. EBay seems to have cleaned up PayPal's act. 
BTW, you could experience the same sort of problem if you use
eBay and don't use PayPal. Many of the scam messages I have
gotten tried to make the sender appear to be eBay, and tried to
get user-name/password combinations, and/or credit card numbers
out of me. Ditching PayPal may not really help much, but having
had this experience may help a lot. You will now be much more
wary of anything of this sort!
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