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I agree with the previous posts.  Gator is evil.  They are unscrupulous
in the way they infect peoples computers without their knowledge.  They
have recently stooped to getting a certificate for their active x
controls so they can avoid the unsigned active x security.  Now, if you
are set to allow signed active x controls to run, you will get gator
auto installed on your system without ever getting prompted if you visit
any of the many websites that distribute this crap for them.  Bad bad
stuff.  That said, I've never installed their software so I have no idea
what it does so I can't recommend anything to replace it.  If you want
to post the things that gator does that you are looking to replace,
perhaps you could get several recommendations.


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I read someplace that Gator was spyware. Is that true?
If so, is there a similar program? (for the same price - free).

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