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1.) I just ran into a popup or something that displayed all my C
folders/files.  Is this something I should worry about?

This has to be an ActiveX control that you are allowing to run in your
Internet Explorer settings, otherwise it would not be able to interact
with your operating system.  You should check your security settings in
IE's Internet Zone to see what you are allowing.  My opinion is that you
should restrict Active X and Java scripting in the Internet Zone and
when you run across sites that are not working properly because of it
you can add them to Trusted Sites and open up the security in that zone.

2.) How do I get rid of the login prompt for windows 98SE?  This
happened after my cable modem was installed.

Long answer but works...
Follow these steps.

1)Delete all  *.pwl files. (Start/Find/Files or Folders and search your
drive for them.)

2) Now go to: Start/Settings/Control Panel/NetworkIcon/Configuration
Make sure that "Client for Microsoft Networks" is in the list.   If it
not there, then install it:
     a. Push ADD button
     b. highlight "Client" in the list shown
     c. Push ADD button
     d. Under Manufacturers, highlight "Microsoft"
     e. Under Network Clients, highlight "Client for Microsoft Networks"
     f. Push OK button

3) Make sure that "Windows Logon" is selected in the "Primary
Network Logon" box.

4) Reboot your computer

5) When you see the "Enter Windows password" screen during the reboot,
sure and click "OK" with no password entered.

6) You will be prompted to confirm, click ok again with no password

That's it.  You will no longer see the windows password screen on bootup
password should now save.

Largo, Florida 33771

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