[24hoursupport] Re: USB DOS Drivers for External HDD

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You could try a BIOS upgrade.

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> I  made a dreadful mistake by purchasing a USB external storage drive
> because it won't boot or allow any DOS recognition, nor will it allow me
> image the drive using Ghost or Drive Magic 2002
> Has anyone had a similar problem and solved it by using an unsupported
> driver?  I downloaded and copied to my boot device a file called
> "duse.exe"  It is version 4.2 and build 65.  It works a couple of
> ways:  Firstly an addition to your config.sys file adding
> DEVICE=C:\DUSE\DUSE.EXE then a whole bunch of options to be used as
> needed.  Secondly it works from the autoexec.bat file.
> Anyway neither method would allow my computer to boot until i removed the
> line from the config.sys and autoexec.bat files.
> Also I keep getting boot errors about Vfloppy.sys not found and fake
> file not present.  These are emanating from the Drive Image program I am
> sure but one of the options for DUSE is vflop and it told me at boot that
> my C: drive does not support Virtual Floppy Boot files.
> To sum up please anyone who knows what to do or even knows there is
> to do let me know.  This is an expense that I allocated for myself but in
> doing so thought that i could install various OSs and be able to image my
> system to this new drive.  It is a Maxtor 3000LE 120 GBs External
> USB2.0/1.1. I called Maxtor and all they could tell me was they were sorry
> but the senior tech turned me on to this DUSE program and said they don't
> support it but confidentially it works to give the drive USB recognition
> DOS. :)

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