[24hoursupport] USB DOS Drivers for External HDD

  • From: Barry Aronson <baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 19:35:00 -0500


I  made a dreadful mistake by purchasing a USB external storage drive 
because it won't boot or allow any DOS recognition, nor will it allow me to 
image the drive using Ghost or Drive Magic 2002

Has anyone had a similar problem and solved it by using an unsupported 
driver?  I downloaded and copied to my boot device a file called 
"duse.exe"  It is version 4.2 and build 65.  It works a couple of 
ways:  Firstly an addition to your config.sys file adding 
DEVICE=C:\DUSE\DUSE.EXE then a whole bunch of options to be used as 
needed.  Secondly it works from the autoexec.bat file.

Anyway neither method would allow my computer to boot until i removed the 
line from the config.sys and autoexec.bat files.

Also I keep getting boot errors about Vfloppy.sys not found and fake floppy 
file not present.  These are emanating from the Drive Image program I am 
sure but one of the options for DUSE is vflop and it told me at boot that 
my C: drive does not support Virtual Floppy Boot files.

To sum up please anyone who knows what to do or even knows there is nothing 
to do let me know.  This is an expense that I allocated for myself but in 
doing so thought that i could install various OSs and be able to image my 
system to this new drive.  It is a Maxtor 3000LE 120 GBs External 
USB2.0/1.1. I called Maxtor and all they could tell me was they were sorry 
but the senior tech turned me on to this DUSE program and said they don't 
support it but confidentially it works to give the drive USB recognition in 
DOS. :)

Thanks much!

Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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