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I want to fill both lists (Freelists and Yahoo) on the status of the
lists.  As you know, when I re-activated the Yahoo list I did nothing to
move members off of Freelists and specifically stated I wanted to keep
both going at least for awhile.

There appears to be just as much interest in the Freelist group as there
is in the Yahoo list so it only make sense to keep them both active.  I
do not want to administer both lists however.  So, I have talked to one
of the moderators about taking ownership of one of the lists.  Ron Allen
has agreed to take over and administer the Freelist mailing list.  I
will continue to be a member of that list as a moderator (as long as he
will have me) but will focus my attention to the Yahoo list.  We have
been in touch with Freelists and I received confirmation that they have
recorded Ron as the list owner.  My guess is that all of you will not
notice anything different.  Ron does now have complete control of the
Freelist group and will decide on his own who and how many moderators he
will maintain.  Ron will also review the list configuration and make any
changes he deems appropriate.  I'm sure he will fill us in on any
changes he makes that effect the list.

One thing Ron and I talked about is the need to work together as
"sister" lists.  That means we will both be asking members of the
respective lists to refrain from recruiting members to leave one list
for the other.  Both lists have their strengths and weaknesses.  Yahoo
is good for those who like the web interface, ease of navigation and
don't mind giving up a little privacy.  Freelists is good for those that
want a pure, fast email group with no advertising strings attached in
terms of added spam messages.

The bottom line of all of this is that Ron and I are both in this for
the same reason.  That is to provide all of you with a vehicle to obtain
assistance from each other with computer problems.  So, just keep asking
and answering questions, you'll hardly know the difference with the
administrative changes.

Largo, Florida 33771

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