[24hoursupport] Re: Missing address bar in IE5

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If you have XP then your browser is IE6. Try going to view>toolbars> make
sure there is a check by address bar, if it is and you still don't see it
then look to the right where it should be, click and drag what ever is there
to the left. It could have gotten pushed off the screen. You can also try
tools>reset web settings.

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Subject: [24hoursupport] Missing address bar in IE5

> I am using Windows XP with IE5 as my browser. Google is my home page.
> Recently the address box dropped out of sight and none of the usual
> have helped me find it. I have tried the toggle switches available when
> right clicking in the toolbar area. No dice. Then I tried dragging and
> dropping various elements among the Standard Buttons and Toolbar as I know
> elements sometimes hide behind one another. Still no address bar. I have
> tried reinstalling Google as my home page. No dice. What am I missing? Is
> this some known bug in XP? The address bar reappears when using IE5
> selecting a home page.

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