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Hi Kari,
try using the 'System Restore' feature.
It will allow you to restore your computer to an earlier configuration.

If you can;  Go to Start> Help and Support> System Restore

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On 09/12/2002 at 8:18 PM Kari Sable Burns wrote:

My Compaq Presario 700 laptop was working fine until I shut down and
rebooted the next day. It booted up but loaded windows very slowly.

The start button could not be accessed -- when the cursor is run over the
start button an hourglass appears. The start button on the keyboard does not
evoke any type of response either.

The other issue that changed is I can no longer do anything online. It
dials, verifies, authenticates and I am online but I cannot send or receive
email or access any web pages. I ran ipconfig and it said "media
disconnected" -- The isp has walked us through it (we hadn't changed a thing
on those settings but) but even though we are online we can access nothing.

Even though I can access some programs once i have the bottom portion of the
screen where the tools, start tray, start button, etc are located disappear
completely -- instead a strip of what ever program I have accessed appears
about an inch and half high on the bottom of the screen. I can alt tab
through the programs though.

The only thing that I can thing of that would cause this was the last
automatic windows update.

I'm behind deadline on a huge project and really need to get this working so
any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Kari Sable

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