[24hoursupport] Re: Major problem

  • From: "Hugh Vandervoort" <hughv@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 06:42:36 -0400

What makes you think it's running hot?
Check to make sure the PS fan and the chip fan are working. You may have to
remove the case to do this. Blow out any accumulated dust with compressed
air while you're in there.
Reset the BIOS to defaults. Your MB manual will suggest settings if you want
to fool with them.
You can try reinstalling Windows over irself-it won't do any harm.
Boot to Windows, put the install disk in your F: drive.
In the Run box, type F:setup.
If that doesn't work, get a Win 98 boot disk, reformat and reinstall. The
boot disk will have CD drivers.
Boot disk and install info:
Other than the heat you mentioned, I don't see a smoking gun here
Good luck.

The computer is no special brand it one of those cheap
home computers. The main mainboard is a CW33/CW33+
from FIC, <www.fic.com.tw>.

I do have the drivers to the old CD-rom which came
with  the computer, and I have done reformated and
reinstalled before to get a nice/clean/fast system and
it worked out just fine, no problem at all.

I have tried to install the window over it self, yes.

*Hmmmmz* the boot thingy I don't really understand,
feel free to explain (for now the letter on my drive
is F).

Now I got a few silly ideas what it might be, I bet
I'm  soooo wrong but here they are.

1. I have f*cked the BIOS some how

2. The computer f*cks up because it is hot (I really
should install that computer health program, have been
far to lazy to do that)

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