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This post was on the board yesterday to. Almost everyone seems to be
concentrating on the Floppy but it could be any CD drive also depending on
boot order. If not then they need to use their emergency boot disk run Scan
Disk if its Win 9.x/ME or Chk Dsk if it is NT.2000/XP.

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> Things get a lot messier then. First thing I'd wonder is did he add or
> remove some piece of hardware that may have caused the drive letters to
> change? Or did he try to change the system drive letter manually? Or edit
> his boot.ini file? Or go into the BIOS and disable that disk? Gotta try to
> remember what you were doing just before the error and give us a bit more
> to go on.
> Then again it may actually be a failed disk and beyond the scope of a
> mailing list.
> >No there is no floppy disk in the "A" drive or anything.
> > > My son has a HP Pavilion XE 744 with the operating system of Windows
> > > 2000.
> > > The problem is the only thing that will come up on the screen when you
> > > turn the computer on is the blank screen with the "Invalid System
> > > error message.

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