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I hope that someone here may be able to help me.
I have a Pentium III system running at 650Mhz, with 128 MB Ram. My OS
is Windows 98 SE.
When I bought the system it came with just a CD Rom drive and I bought
a CDRW drive (Creative RW 1210E). As I am relatively inexperienced and
I found the instructions to install the device very confusing, I
decided to merely replace the CD Rom drive with the CDRW drive by
swapping all the cables over.  I used the installation CD to install
the software and it worked fine, and continued to do so until a few
weeks ago when, for no reason apparent to me, when opening my CD
burning software, an error message is displayed that says "No
Supported CD R or CD RW Drive Detected".
The drive continues to operate as a straightforward CD Rom Drive, but
all CD R and CDRW functions are inaccessible to me. In Control
Panel/System Properties/Device Manager, the drive is correctly listed
and a CD RW drive, and it says "is working correctly", but it clearly

Possible Causes of the Problem.

Although I have burned several CD's I had never Ripped a CD, and I
wanted to copy a music CD, so I was trying to Rip for the first time.
I have subsequently learned that it is usual to copy a CD from one
drive to another, (which of course I cannot do!) but I was thinking
that there would be a way to "save" the CD onto my Hard Disk and then
burn it onto a CD R Disc using the CD RW Drive. As I was having
difficulty doing this with this with the software that I had on my
system I tried downloading other CD RW software programs from the
Internet. These were equally unable to perform this task, but in the
process of installing and uninstalling these programs it is possible
that I have done something that has resulted in my problem.
I am unaware of any other possible cause.

Things tried.

I have re-installed Windows 98SE - it has not made any difference.
I have tried Uninstalling all the software relating to the drive and
then re installing it, using the disc that came with the drive, but it
seems to just load the RW burning programs, but it does seem to have
any drivers or other software relating to the drive itself.
I haven't physically examined the drive and the connectors, as I
assume that if it is working as a conventional CD Rom drive, the
connections must be sound.

Any assistance or ideas would be great.

Thank you in advance

Stuart Cory

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