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Mugdock Runners

This is a list to allow all members of the Mugdock Runners group (located in the Bearsden and Milngavie area near Glasgow) to communicate easily about upcoming issues and events. Although most group members are runners, and despite the name, we also have a number of members who just enjoy a good walk and a chat. Anyone interested in joining us is most welcome to come along for a run or walk every Saturday morning meeting at 9:15 am at the Drunclog car park near Mugdock.

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email discussion list of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion for the dissemination of technology related info. The intention of the list is to answer computer and internet related problems. Permit members to ask about computer problems they may have and share computer, internet and technology related solutions that they may have.

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Lista Cubana para la Comunidad LGBTI en Cuba

Lista llamada Orgullo para debatir via email temas y asuntos relacionados con la comunidad LGBTI en Cuba. Los temas serán varios desde la clarificación de conceptos o dudas hasta informaciones sobre noticias y eventos actuales. Idealmente esta lista pretende convertirse en una plataforma o espacio para compartir experiencias y consejos entre sus suscriptores que en lo fundamental serán cubanos dentro y fuera de la mayor de las antillas.

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The Bumbag List

Discussion on travel apparel in a group environment. Intended for former students of UWA and other associates.

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Blind Democracy

This list is to reestablish the Blind Democracy list that used to be found at Octothorp Groups. Most discussion will be about political matters, but anything can be discussed. The founders and founding members of the group are blind, but you do not have to be blind to participate.

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The aRocket list exists to provide a forum for the discussion of amateur rocketry and NewSpace system development.

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Condominio Barbara

Mailing List for GreenBuilding "condominio Barbara" residence located in Padua. Who lives in there use this list in order to keep in touch with links related new way of life in a growing sustainable world.

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71xx 32nd and vicinity

Neighborhood list to keep track of events and the coming and going of our neighbors.

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Beverley Community Orchard

A list to help to coordinate activities associated with Beverley Community Orchard

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Background: the property management started renovation in a big building in a berlin house without informing the tenants properly. They started doing noise and dirty work although there is no permission for it. Their aim is to raise the rent that the tenants have to move out for financial reasons Aim: These list should be a platform for the tenatns to discuss the procedure against the property management, to exchange advices from different advocats and inform the other tenants about the works that are going on

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Uppa - Atelier de réflexion sur les alternatives

Atelier de réflexion sur les alternatives economiques, politiques et sociales.

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This is a discussion group for the residents in Endcliffe Corner Community Organisation (ECCO) to discuss community problems and ideas and to inform each other about matters of wider interest, local events, etc. ECCO covers certain streets near Hunters Bar in Sheffield.

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Aqua Nuts

Keep up to date with the Monday and Wednesday.water exercise class at the YMCA. And any changes for the pool...or anything discussed in the pool...or any good deals...on anything! Please note, this is for class members only.

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This is a private discussion group of a few people supporting the German soccer club FC St. Pauli.

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Spieletreffen in Bremen und umzu -- Organizing card/board game meetings near Bremen

Das ist die neue Verteilerlist für unsere Spieletreffen.

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VT Assessors and Listers Association

Mailing list for the membership of the VT Association and Listers Association to discuss Association business, listing and assessing issues, membership collegiality.

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Did you hear about? [Politics]

Jay's mailing list of Interesting political news. Initial membership is restricted to those that worked at G+D (at some point). This list is related to "Did you hear about?" but is reserved for political discussion (Canada & US). This way you can UNSUBSCRIBE from the partisan noise and still keep up with important articles about avocado toast.

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Did you hear about?

Jay's mailing list of interesting news worth sharing. Initial membership is restricted to those that worked at G+D (at some point). For political news please use "Did you hear about? [Politics]". This way we can separate the important stories from the safe spaces.

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Developers Task Force against OneAudience

Hello guys, We are all App Developers and we all work with to monetize our Apps. After the recent payment issues with this company, I'm creating this list so that we can join our forces together to avoid this in the future.

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MHS54 General Discussion

Mailing list created by Tom Ragland for the graduating class of 1954. We will be using it to share status of classmates and discussions of things of interest which could include employment and/or business activities.

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issues requiring dissemination to members of MCST2580 16th MC 2017

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EWPD Retirees

News & Info for retirees of the East Windsor (NJ) Police Department

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Facilitate genealogy research for the Martin-Wharton family of south Texas.

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DEVITECH is a general discussion group where Africans with a visual disability share ideas, expertise, experience, tips and tricks in the areas of computer & information technology, assistive & access technology, educational & daily living technology, and the ways in which using this technology can improve their lives and livelihood.

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Que nos vamos al campo familia

This list is intended to share information between a group of persons wanting to emancipate from urban life, go countryside and trying to satisfy as much basic needs as possible by producing their own goods or interchanging with other people in the same situation. We are people that want to try to earn a living by other means different that wage labor.

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Mailing list dedicated to the Third Temple and TAD discussions. Terry A Davis already has quite the following on youtube, however the community wants a regular and consistent way of communicating. A mailing list is the best way to resolve this communication blackhole and will facilitate in community discussion and development.

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ribw gebruikers mailing lijst

The aim of this list is to provide a virtual meeting space for clients of the Dutch mental health organization RIBW in Maastricht, the Netherlands. At the moment there is no way for them to reach out to others as privacy regulations prevent the organization to give out contact information. By opening this list, people who are willing to give up their mail-address voluntarily can subscribe to get in touch with each other... The idea behind it is to set up a €œpeer support€ network aimed at this specific group of clients to give them the opportunity to get in touch with others with a similar background...

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No Walmart in Altadena

Discussion list for the anti-Walmart group in Altadena, CA

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Autoridades Nacionais Designadas da CPLP

Forum for exchanges on the Clean Development Mechanism among DNAs of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

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Yoga Pedro

For discussing yoga issues. An email list for sharing experiences from people practicing Yoga in Venezuela and to enable opporunities for gatherings based on that subject

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Les Illes

"Les illes" general discussion. We are a group of friend sharing a nice place in the mountain, country side, in Pyrenees (France). We want to create a group (a mailing list) to share our experience and organize summer meeting. Sometime we receive woofers.

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Ta panta ola!

This mailing list provides the open discussion about anything can be interesting for the members with visual disability: questions, opinions etc. List is not to be used to discuss anything illegal. racist and offensive remarks are not permitted.

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IT Stammtisch Oberpfalz

Der IT Stammtisch Oberpfalz bietet allen, die beruflich bzw. professionell mit IT zu tun haben, eine Platform für regelmäßige, regionale Treffen zum Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten. Diese Mailingliste dient zur Kommunikation unter den Mitgliedern und zur Bekanntmachung von Terminen und Informationen rund um den Stammtisch.

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Miller Family List

Discussion list to disseminate emails to everyone in the family that wants to keep up. If you email the list, EVERYONE on the list will receive the email. I repeat: EVERYONE on the list will receive the email. If you want private exchanges you must email that person directly. This address just sends it to everyone who has signed up.

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Discusion about Electrical Engineering, Micro Controller etc

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This is the mailingliste for our living community (wg74) in Darmstadt, Germany

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Newberry Grove Loop's List

This list is to simplify email communications for the residents of NGL.

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Viranyos 1976-1984

Viranyos Altalanos Iskola 1976-1984. This would be a schoolmate mailing list. We were students at the Viranyos Altalanos Iskola between 1976-1984. This year is our 30th anniversary, and the purpose of the list is to collect the schoolmates, discuss about each other, etc... I hope your system handles Central European character sets well, otherwise I should find another service. Thank You!

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eureka vw show list

News and discussions about the Eureka VW show. We hold one of the largest vintage Volkswagen shows in the country. It is all volunteer non- profit charity event. We thought a freelist would allow us to talk to each other in planning and execution. We start planning next year's show at the end of the current show.

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64 Parkman St. Mailing list

The mailing list for 64 Parkman St. to plan things.

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Mailing list for grad students, postdocs, and miscellaneous faculty at the CHUV CIBM.

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DECtalk portable

This is a mailing list for discussion of the DECtalk portable project

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Gruppo di lavoro DES MO terremoto

Gruppo di lavoro DES Modena su emergenza terremoto in Emilia Romagna - Solidarity group to support people affected by earthquake in Emilia Romagna

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Condominio Palazzo Cimitile

Mailing list for building condominiums, sharing all the discussions concerning building organization. Historic Palace:

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Ole Kjærs Vej

List of people living on the street Ole Kjærs Vej in Aalborg, Denmark. Here we talk about the street party and if people see something suspicious.

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a free mailing list whitch discuss everything, like technology, education, and politics in greece. We aim to help greek people understand the situation in Greece.

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For software engineers and other staff employed at Rynek 12 in Krakow, Poland. Topics: work-related.

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Carrington Board

Communications among Board members of the Carrington Condominiums in Madison, WI concerning issues such as meetings, agenda items, and projects

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List for communication among members of WEG Siebengebirgsallee 87.

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Securing Smart Cities

List for discussing Securing Smart Cities topics, ideas, projects, coordination, get updates on what's going on, etc.

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