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SOGAGG Email Distro

Email Distro for Society of Golfers Against Good Golfers

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He may be old, he may be rude...........hey wake up, you're on the Good Times Dudes Emergency Network. Time to tune in to everything you need to know about the Dudes. No more outdated addresses each year, no missed people because everyone has their own set of addresses..........Just wall to wall GTD!!!! So listen up, get with the e-mail etiquette or you'll earn the monthly Slacker Seal of Abuse. Use your highlighter and liberally delete portions of any message you are replying to that are irrelevant....... No sending 4 page e-mails where you've only added 2 sentences - DELETE, DELETE, DELETE........ remember he may be old, he may be rude, but GTDer's in good standing delete their garbage before sending. Thank You. As we were saying..... he may be old, he may be rude but we're all just Good Time E-mailing Dudes!

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email discussion list of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion for the dissemination of technology related info. The intention of the list is to answer computer and internet related problems. Permit members to ask about computer problems they may have and share computer, internet and technology related solutions that they may have.

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For those who graduated from Freeport High School, Class of 1965, or their friends, to share experiences, views and to keep in touch. Please be respectful of one another.

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Uppa - Atelier de réflexion sur les alternatives

Atelier de réflexion sur les alternatives economiques, politiques et sociales.

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We are gather here today for Pure BS

This is a special place for sharing joy and sorrow for testing the validity of ideas for sharing humor and frustration for swapping tall tales for pure bullshit. Nothing is off-topic when it gets down to Pure Bullshit. Is the Tao of Bullshit the true Tao? ~~Blessed are those who are cracked.......For it is they that let in the light~~

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This is the Email list used by the St. Louis Area Geocachers Assn.

Grab your GPS and head outside. If you have questions or comments about geocaching in the St. Louis Missouri, Bi-state area just give us a shout. SLAGA is comprised of geocachers who live in an area around St. Louis, Missouri. It is a region, extending from an area southwest of St. Louis for 100 miles in all direction. SLAGA is just one of many geocaching groups in the midwestern United States. What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a high tech version of hide-and-seek. It's hiking - with a goal. Geocachers from all over the world place trinket boxes (caches) in the wilderness or urban areas hidden from view of the main public. They then use their Global Positioning Satellite Receiver (GPS or GPSR) to record the precise latitude and longitude. "X" marks the spot! This information is posted on the website These "caches" usually contain trinkets for trade. When a cacher finds a box, they can take something out of it, but they need to leave something in trade. There's also a log book to sign, and they are invited to log their find on the website for each cache. *** NOTE *** SLAGA did not create this newsgroup, nor is it responsible for its maintenance and moderation. However, SLAGA does link to it from their web page because they consider it a valuable resource. The newsgroup is created so that geocachers in the St. Louis area (or anyone else, for that matter) can communicate, discuss geocaching-related issues, stories, etc. This newsgroup is not affiliated with, or any other geocaching organization. The newsgroup administrators are not responsible for the content of any message, or for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the receipt of or failure to receive any message.

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North Takoma Park

North Takoma Neighborhood List

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Blind Democracy

This list is to reestablish the Blind Democracy list that used to be found at Octothorp Groups. Most discussion will be about political matters, but anything can be discussed. The founders and founding members of the group are blind, but you do not have to be blind to participate.

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South East London & North West Kent TVRCC Discussion Group

South East London & North West Kent TVRCC Discussion Group

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Original Town Marshall Fire List

This is for the residents of Original Town Superior, CO who lost or were impacted by the Marshall Fire on December 30, 2021. Many residents are older and e-mail is the best communication tool.

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71xx 32nd and vicinity

Neighborhood list to keep track of events and the coming and going of our neighbors.

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DU-IRI 2001

Le gratin de la promo !! Denis pourra ainsi continuer à nous faire partager sa citation matinale et nous divertir un instant au travail. Car depuis 2001 et ce serait dommage de s'arrêter en si bon chemin ^^

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Fighting Texas Aggie Band Class of 1977

A bunch of old men reliving there better years.

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Klamath County Fire Defense Board

The Fire Defense Board consists of representitives from each fire agency through out Klamath County. This list is used to disseminate vital information to members that live in rural areas quickly.

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