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General technology-related discussions

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Tiionghoa Net

this milist is dedicated for indonesian chinese who wants to learn about information technology

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Purdue University ABE Students

Mailing list for Purdue ABE Graduate students who collaborate and discuss technical topics and difficulties related to their research and graduate work. Frequent postings may include requests for technical advice, assistance, or opportunities to meet and network.

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discussion about pc watercooling techniques such as form of cooling units, types of pumps and types of tubes. exchange of experiences with selfmade cu-watercooling blocks and radiators. to be honest, we are gamers too. so we would also like to do our game organisation through this mailinglist.

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Adelaide IT and Gaming

This mailing list is related to IT, Linux and Gaming in Adelaide.

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Beryll maillijst

Mailinglist for Beryll neighbours, administered by Richard Heinen. Purpose is to replace al local mailing lists by 1 distribution group.

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Rollingwood Communities

Communication between the residents of the Rollingwood communities of Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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Llama Show Superintendents

This is a list for the llama show superintendents only. If your show is listed on llama your will be on this list. The decision here will mainly be from me asking for updated information on your shows. Also this will let you have a place to discuss thing just between superintendents. Thing that might be talked about will be the new show programs, problems with being a super, and so on. We will not have off topic subjects, no gossip, no flaming, no negative talk or bad mouthing anyone. This is limited to just show superintendent talk. You can talk about problems with judges, problems with the new show programs. Again this is put on by me mainly for the use of gathering information on your shows for use on website. This site is a free site that list all llama show no mater what affiliations they have. All answer to question I may ask about your show please send them to my personal email address. Please make sure this address is on your safe sender list, that way we can keep your show information up to date. The first topic of discussion will be on how to use the new ILR program and what problems it has, plus there will be question from me on your show information. There will not ba a lot of post from this list.

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blind adult

this list will allow you to talk about pod casting and computers, how blind people use a computer, and tips and tricks. We'll also talk about JAWS for windows.

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Mailing List for IRAM's computers students (1BI2). Here you can ask for help about the lessons given (Cobol, Fortran, C, C++, Java, Prolog, ATMI, EOF...).

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This a list to notify Bee Club members of reported bee swarms.

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NY Capital District Community Talk

NY CDCT is a digital neighborhood corner to encourage the use of the internet and technology use current events and topics of interest. It is a Free Discussion Board and Community Calendar for Topics and Events in and around the New York Capital Region.

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English 15

For English 15 class members only

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Free Reference Work Project

Discussing the development of Free/open source Reference Works on the internet, in particular the "Free Tabular and List based content project" (

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Group discussion about technologies in civil engineering for Class 1991, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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Amod is a list for the moderators and webmasters of the news website to discuss policy, problems, direction, and other issues related to running the website.

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