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Project India Cracked Commentary

This list is to provide an summary and details of some of the defacement of famous Indian websites by 'hacker' groups. This is not not a defacement notice mailing list, but a commentary list. This is a medium traffic list, whose frequency depends on the defacement activities.

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Murray Family

An email list made for the extended family of Joe & Dorothy Murray

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RAE Old Boys

RAE Farnborough Ex-Apprentices, Electronics Department

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Chela's General Chat List

Chat about anything: books and anything related to books, technology and access technology, life in general including news, especially about technology including access technology such as screen readers, braille and braille displays, and applications used with screen readers and other low-vision and other products of interest. We can also discuss music as well as interaction between people with disabilities and those who don't have a disability and are sighted. No flaming, profanity and bloody political debates allowed, and no disrespecting others because of race or religion. If you proceed to not heed such warnings from the moderator of this list, you shall be banned after two warnings! This is a list for all to enjoy general conversation around the clock. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact trumpeter Chela Robles the moderator and most importantly, have fun!

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CannonBall Bandits

Race team safety discussion

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Hacker News Newsletter

This is a daily newsletter which sends you the best stories found on You will never miss out on the most upvoted stories anymore. The logic behind this can be found at:

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Summerville Shopkeepers

A central mailing list for discussion amongst Downtown Summerville area shop owners and managers

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SURGEMAIN Manchester Unit Distro

SURGEMAIN Manchester Unit Distribution List This is a closed-list distribution used to email Navy Reserve unit related material to the group of ~25 unit members.

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Mailing list for Haycon. A Technology Campout Weekend in North Mississippi.

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Canterbury MathsJam

This list is for members of the Canterbury branch of MathsJam to discuss the puzzles we have looked at during meetings, and to share and discuss new and interesting puzzles. It can also be used to arrange informal meetups in between the normal monthly sessions. MathsJam is a monthly opportunity for like-minded self-confessed maths enthusiasts to get together in a pub and share stuff they like. Puzzles, games, problems, or just anything they think is cool or interesting. See

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The Hub Neighborhood Groups

Welcome to the SF Hub mailing list! I created this list to provide another point of contact for city government, specifically the SF Planning Department and Supervisor's office. The Hub is a unique neighborhood and poised for large scale change with the many new developments in this area. Let's use this list to stay informed and organized. Look forward to working together for positive change in our neighborhood.

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Curtin SPE Chapter Committee List

E-mail list for the committee of the Curtin University Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter

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Dueville Futura

The official Mailing List of the political party Dueville Futura

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Vista Forum

A list for blind and partially-sighted people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to discuss issues important to them.

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Ross Hedvicek

List for notification for Ross Hedvicek's articles. Articles are published at address .

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