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NY Capital District Community Talk

NY CDCT is a digital neighborhood corner to encourage the use of the internet and technology use current events and topics of interest. It is a Free Discussion Board and Community Calendar for Topics and Events in and around the New York Capital Region.

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English 15

For English 15 class members only

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Free Reference Work Project

Discussing the development of Free/open source Reference Works on the internet, in particular the "Free Tabular and List based content project" (

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Group discussion about technologies in civil engineering for Class 1991, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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Amod is a list for the moderators and webmasters of the news website to discuss policy, problems, direction, and other issues related to running the website.

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Mailing list to provide users of the public wireless network in Tasmania's NorthWest with support, news, and general discussion

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8sclub List

List for General Discussion about various facets of technology among group of students who graduated from Anna University, Chennai, India in 1997. People from Video Technology, Networking, BIOS development, Computer Aided Design, Project Management will be some of the topics that will be discussed. Also subset of the group works on various projects at times. The current project being NetDev in Java.

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AGC Safety Alliances

To share technical and educational advice to fellow subscribers. To help improve the safety and knowledge of the construction industry.

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Classe Quinta B 1981

Italian high-school re-union list. We have found each other back after 25 years and would like to start a discussion on open-source copyrights and how open source software could assist us in our day-by-day job.

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TalkingIRC Users--Announcements and Discussion List

This list has been set up as another means for users of the TalkingIRC network (and anyone else) to communicate. We would prefer that the topic of discussion be related to the network and its software, but we aren't very strict about this policy. Announcements pertaining to new Freedom Chat and TalkingIRC software releases will also be sent to this list.

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Klasa SA

few friends that help each other with programming and would like to keep in touch

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Boardfish General Discussion List

This is a general discussion mail list for the website - supporting Symantec/VERITAS products.

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Blind hams

This is a general discussion list where blind amiture radio operators can discuss ways they use technology relating to the operation of amitor radio.

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This is the xp-user mailing list it will suit you with all your needs with uptodate news downloads and more!

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Free Software Users Group at National Institute of Technology Calicut

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