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Hi Benny, I posted your response regarding sleeping and there are a few 
questions about it....
Wifi chip sleeping
 whist we understand that the wifi chip is either on or off, there is an 
android setting  (Wifi Settings->advanced) wifi sleep policy "Never" which 
should prevent wifi from being turned off when the phone sleeps when not on 
USB, however on the blade this setting is being ignored.  This means that for 
example when using the blade for wifi tethering, as soon as the phone sleeps 
the wifi connection is lost.  Also, for example if I download a large file onto 
the device, once the phone sleeps the wifi is lost and the file download fails. 
 The blade should take account of the wifi sleep policy (even if it means the 
battery will drain faster when the wifi is still on during sleep mode).  Note 
that wifi switching off during sleep mode appears to be the cause of the 
reconnect problem that owners of the netgear dg834g v5 router which is popular 
in the uk, so fixing the sleep issue would at least overcome that one.
Notification LED (back key)
There seems to be some confusion between users here, some report that if an sms 
is received or a call is missed, then once the phone goes into sleep mode, the 
led no longer flashes to notify the user of the missed call/sms.  Some users 
say this doesn't happen, some say it does.  Is there any reason there would be 
a difference between what users experience?
Keys waking up the phone
If they aren't defined in 7k_hanset.kl, can you clarify where the keys that can 
wake up the phone are defined?  is this definition in the hardware or is it 
software that we can modify?
Again, there seems to be some difference between diffent users since I find 
that the back key will wake the phone up when there is a notification, so I 
will try to investigate the difference.
Thanks for your help


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Hello Rob. 

That's comes from our developers. for you issue about the  " Blade Sleeping " 

In most cases it's not a hardware limitation. It's about power consumption. 
Power consumption is a very important aspect of user experience. If you keep 
everything working when the phone goes to sleep, you will definitely suffer a 
battery drain. I think Android has provides you UI interfaces to control the 
behaviour of some hardware modules when the phone goes to sleep (if it makes 
sense to have that module on during sleeping). For example, you can have the 
bluetooth module working when the phone sleeps. But surely it will incur a 
power consumption penalty. It's up to you. For many other haredware modules, We 
don't see any reason to have them on when the phone is suspended. For example, 
the light sensor. What's the point of having light sensor working when the 
phone sleeps? For these modules, users don't have any chance to control their 
sleep behaviour. So technically you can do anything you like, surely at the 
risk of a shorter battery life. 

When USB cable is connected, the phone doesn't really sleep. Only the LCD and 
some other modules are turned off. Generally the LCD(including the backlight 
module) consumes most current on the phone. It's not necessary to go to deeper 
sleep other than turning off LCD because after turning off LCD, the USB cable 
supplies far more current than the amount that the phone consumes. There is no 
need to perform a full sleep. It might take a little bit more time to have the 
phone fully charged than in a full sleep. But it's not noticable. 

WIFI module is special. The chip has a limitation. It must be totally powered 
off and brought up again when the phone wakes up. 

Concerning the key issue you may have some misunderstanding. ZTE handsets 
highly conform with Android conventions. What keys can wake up the phone and 
what keys can turn on the screen? They are different things. You must first 
wake up the phone and then turn on the screen. 7k_handset.kl is only 
responsible for defining keys that can turn on the screen. You edit that file 
but it takes no effect because these keys you add are not even eligible to wake 
up the phone. Keys that can wake up the phone are defined by the manufacturer. 
Users are not encouraged to change it. 

Best regards.

Ben Ying
Smartphone System Department 
ZTE Corporation

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2010-11-15 03:10 

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[ztebladeopensource] wifi driver

Hi, I am still being asked the source to the wifi driver, you mentioned that 
you couldn't provide it because it was given to you by a 3rd party, can you 
please provide contact details for the 3rd party so that I can ask them about 
it?  Also, can you check the license that came with that source just in case it 
is open source in which case you should be ok to release it?



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