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Hi Rob. The newest code we released had made a compatible between OLED and 
TFT. So the new software can support both OLED and TFT models blade.
The issue that blade moving to TFT implicate the ZTE phone strategy 
matter, so please forgive me that i can not give you any informations.

ZTE do not have any plan to update the Greed Blade to Froyo. If we decide 
to upgrade the phone, i think you can get the information from an open 

As i know, the P729CU for China Unicom havn't appeared on the market. So i 
think the P729CUV1.0.0B04 is not the final version for Unicom. 

Best regards.


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[ztebladeopensource] New screens

Hi Ben and Xiebin, we have noticed that there are new versions of the 
Blade in the UK with a TFT screen instead of OLED, there also seems to be 
some new software to support it (OUK_P729BV1.0.0B08) which seems to work 
for both OLED and TFT models, can you confirm that it was designed for 
both?  Is the move to TFT a permanent thing or just whilst there is an 
OLED shortage? 
Also, it’s been posted that the Greek blade will get an upgrade to Froyo, 
do you know if this is the case?
We have been working on P729CUV1.0.0B04 which was made available by 
someone in China, can you confirm if this is the final version for Unicom 
or just another Beta?

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