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  • From: Krister <krister@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 14:11:16 +0100

Hi Ben,

The latest kernel source your released does not compile without doing
some modifications.

There's a duplicate #endif in /arch/arm/mach-msm/include/mach/camera.h
and I also needed to add some panel ID checking and red-blue swapping in
drivers/video/msm/mdp_dma_lcdc.c to make it compile and work with TFT

There's also some more issues with the released source as the
msm_battery.c not working with the blades and the incorrectly mapped
power button.

I also believe that the released kernel source does not support the
5Mpixel cameras used in the Finnish blade model.

Best regards

Krister (kallt_kaffe)

ying.ben@xxxxxxxxxx skrev 2010-12-06 12:55:
> Hi Rob. The newest code we released had made a compatible between OLED
> and TFT. So the new software can support both OLED and TFT models blade.
> The issue that blade moving to TFT implicate the ZTE phone strategy
> matter, so please forgive me that i can not give you any informations.
> ZTE do not have any plan to update the Greed Blade to Froyo. If we
> decide to upgrade the phone, i think you can get the information from
> an open media.
> As i know, the P729CU for China Unicom havn't appeared on the market.
> So i think the P729CUV1.0.0B04 is not the final version for Unicom.
> Best regards.
> Ben
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>       [ztebladeopensource] New screens
> Hi Ben and Xiebin, we have noticed that there are new versions of the
> Blade in the UK with a TFT screen instead of OLED, there also seems to
> be some new software to support it (*OUK_P729BV1.0.0B08) *which seems
> to work for both OLED and TFT models, can you confirm that it was
> designed for both? Is the move to TFT a permanent thing or just whilst
> there is an OLED shortage?
> Also, it’s been posted that the Greek blade will get an upgrade to
> Froyo, do you know if this is the case?
> We have been working on P729CUV1.0.0B04 which was made available by
> someone in China, can you confirm if this is the final version for
> Unicom or just another Beta?
> Regards
> Rob
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