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  • Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 16:19:56 +0100

Hello Ralf

Thank you.

I was looking at the control, not in code, it warns me that I cannot name a 
temp file when enabled. It would be good if you could do it from there. I just 
want to borrow a structure/data from an existing dataset and use it as a local 
SQL cache.

Not everybody thinks purely in code Ralf, only those that are really expert and 
know what they are doing, and are past the beginner (or idiot) stage.

Anyway, the more I work with Delphi again (my lasting outing was D7, many moons 
ago), the more I realise that it requires more features to make it easier to 
find out how to do things. There is an upper level of people like you who are 
the fastest guns in the west. But, then there are the dabblers and newcomers, 
like me. We work with help files, visual controls and clear written examples 
(not console demos). We rely on the wizards that sometimes come with right 
clicking a control. One the best examples of an approachable product is 
something like Devart's MyDAC. Extremely easy to use. This saves an enormous 
amount of time for someone like me. This is not an accusation, just one of 
Delphi's main shortcomings at the moment. Compare things as they are now to the 
help file of D7 and for instance Turbopower's documentation. It is lamentable. 
This is something that Embarcadero should be attending to, as it's Delphi's 
main barrier to entry compared to the competition. You see, I love Delphi.

There are only two products that work well as a local, high performance SQL 
based 'cache' type database - yours and perhaps KBMMemTable. Both of these are 
excellent products, but neither is nearly as easy to use as MyDAC. Also, as I 
have just found out after two days of trying alternatives, only SQL can deal 
with certain types of queries.

I would love to see a way to visually assign a dataset to DisQLite - by 
structure or data or both - and then to edit that DB directly as well as run 
SQL against it using a GUI, whether it's temporary or not. All of these things 
are a breeze in MyDAC.

Honestly Ralf, your products are indispensible and come with German engineering 
prowess, but they also take a lot more effort to find out how to drive them :-)

Kind regards


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On 31.03.2012 16:19, Jon Burnham wrote:

> I have looked at the dynamic side of DISQLite3, I understand that a 
> disk based temporary table is probably optimal. What I don’t get is 
> now not being able to assign a name to the temporary> disk-based 
> table. Why not, it’s still an object and needs referencing.

What makes you believe that you can not name temporary tables in DISQLite3? You 

Here is some example SQL to create and reference a temporary table in

  create temp table TempTable (a text);
  insert into TempTable values ('A named temporary table!');
  select * from TempTable;

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