[yunqa.de] Re: Disklite 3 Pro : Temporary table question

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  • Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2012 15:39:42 +0200

On 31.03.2012 16:19, Jon Burnham wrote:

> I have looked at the dynamic side of DISQLite3, I understand that a
> disk based temporary table is probably optimal. What I don’t get is
> now not being able to assign a name to the temporary> disk-based
> table. Why not, it’s still an object and needs referencing.

What makes you believe that you can not name temporary tables in
DISQLite3? You can!

Here is some example SQL to create and reference a temporary table in

  create temp table TempTable (a text);
  insert into TempTable values ('A named temporary table!');
  select * from TempTable;

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