codepage translation between VDosPlus and Windows

  • From: "Paul Breeze" <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Redacted sender "paul.breeze" for DMARC)
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2016 19:25:52 +0000

Some time ago I set up Vdos with code page 1252 and then using a special 1252 font that was modified for me by Kari, I could move text between Windows and XY4 seamlessly in English or French.

I haven't needed to use that facility for some time, but when I tried to copy some French text from a browser in Windows 7 to XY4 under Vdoslfn today it didn't translate correctly. It would only work if I set the code page in VDoslfn to 850 of 437. I also have an old VDos installation and a new VDosPlus installation and both seem to behave in the same way.

Is VDos... now performing some translation of its own? I need to know what is happening because if I switch all my settings to CP 850, then the files that were written using CP 1252 are corrupted.


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