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What I have:


The XyWrite III Plus Reference Guide, copyright C 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
First Edition (Rev), May 1990

Doc control 002400-06

ISBN 0-927923-15-7

Written and produced by Douglas Kramer et al. 

Approx 600 pp. + appendices and index 



Slipcased with: 

*       Reference card 10/88
*       DCA conversion Guide  Doc control # 002401-04
*       Basic Word Processing Tutorial   Publication number 002372-06 ISBN
*       A La Carte Menu Tutorial   Control # 002402-2 ISBN 0-927923-12-2
*       Applications Tutorial   Publication # 002373-04  ISBN 0-927923-12-2



I'd be 

1.      happy to give away for the price of postage
2.      even happier to donate to some non-profit for a tax deduction
3.      or sell to whoever makes the best offer by email by midnight EST
Sunday January 10, 2010. 


Fred, if nobody offers to buy it and no nonprofit wants it, it's yours for
whatever the mediamail fee to mail it is, if you want it.






Patricia McLaughlin

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Philadelphia PA 19130     


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On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 9:09 PM, Patricia McLaughlin <patsy.mcl@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Any chance anybody has a use for my pristine XyWrite manuals, etc.?

Probably half or more of the people on this list. What do you have? Are you
selling? Giving away?

Fred Weiner

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