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Welcome, Craig!


--- In quickphilosophy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Craig T. Spratt" <ctspratt@...> wrote:
> As I have just joined, I would be disappointed to see the group discontinue
> soon. I don't have friends who would want to participate in or start up such
> a group. I was pleased to hear from the moderator that this group exists.
> His commentary I would definitely regret missing. I am happy to comment, but
> I don't see myself as trying to lead opinion, but instead as one who will
> have a fair amount of clarity-seeking questions. Now, I am ploughing my way
> through Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France (part of the
> political philosophy portion of my overall philosophy reading). So I am more
> ready right now for an article-length read or two in this group, as opposed
> to a book length read. Just a short while ago, I read E.J. Lowe's
> Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind and J. L. Austin's Sense and
> Sensibilia, so I do also read material that it seems this group may tend
> toward. Tractatus would have been interesting to me, rather than too well
> understood, so I'm sorry I missed it. But after the Burke, I would be
> willing to read what this group plans to read, unless it's very far from my
> interests. I'm a practicing lawyer, not a philosophy Ph.D. or professor, but
> philosophy is a strong interest of mine. 
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> If nobody has anything further to say about the Tractatus, I will tomorrow
> make my suggestions for possible a second read, and also ask for (i)
> additional suggestions, and (ii) whether this group should continue at all
> or be deep-sixed. It may be that we have not hit a "tipping point" in
> members or that the members we have are already over-committed to other
> groups, or that the Tractatus was simply not interesting enough or too well
> understood already to sustain much confab. But if I'm going to have to make
> 3/4 or more of the posts on every book and so few comments (regardless of
> who makes them) get any response at all, my sense is that we don't have
> critical mass or sufficient interest to continue.
> If any of you DO want to continue with community reads of philosophy books
> in which you have some interest, I recommend that you try to get a
> philosophy friend or two (who is/are not either nuts or overly aggressive)
> to sign up!
> Best,
> W

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