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From: Sturdivant, Dan [mailto:Dan.Sturdivant@xxxxxxx] 
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Gentleman - Dan Sturdivant here, DHS/OSDBU & SDVOB Coordinator.  I'm begging
for interested SDVOB firms that can possibly accomplish this work.  Can I
possibly impose upon you (once again) to get the word out, regarding this
requirement?  Thanks much and in advance, Dan. 


Request for Information Water Treatment This is a Request for Information
(RFI) and not a Request for Proposal (RFP). The purpose of this document is
to request information supporting the acquisition of services to provide
repair, routine maintenance, and as-needed upgrades for a water treatment
system installed at a secure location in Washington, DC in order to keep the
system operating at peak efficiency for the United States Secret Service.
The Government seeks feedback from industry in order to survey the market
about available best-commercial practices and/or the number of companies
that are capable of providing this service. This is a request for written
information only. This is not a solicitation announcement for proposals and
no contract will be awarded from this announcement. No reimbursement will be
made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this
announcement or any follow-up information requests. All data received in
response to this notice will be fully protected from release outside the
Government. Information provided herein is subject to change. There is no
commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or make an award in
response to this announcement. It is the responsibility of industry to
monitor the Federal Business Opportunities (www.fedbizopps.gov) for the
release of any follow-on information. Firms interested in responding to this
announcement are requested to review the attached Statement of Objectives
and respond to the following questions and issues. 

Information shall focus on the capability to provide technical services as
defined in the following areas: 1) LEVEL OF EXPERTISE: Provide knowledge and
experience with water treatment systems to include design, installation, and
maintenance; Technical knowledge of, and familiarity with, various water
treatment/purification technologies; Skills and experience in maintaining
and calibrating water quality monitoring equipment; Knowledge of water
quality parameters to insure optimal performance of the system; Knowledge of
new water treatment technologies that may be incorporated into a system. 2)
MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS: Provide knowledge and experience of water
treatment automation and information control systems to include on-site and
remote monitoring; Knowledge of technology used to obtain information on
system parameters from the site location and transmit it to remote
monitoring stations; Ability to provide clear, concise displays of system
parameters. This may include both current information and historical
information; Technical expertise to fully integrate inputs that potentially
could be in different formats and display them in a common format on a
single monitor; Ability to suggest updates to the current monitoring and
display capabilities; Technical expertise to implement any suggested
upgrades to the system; Ability of the support staff necessary to keep the
system fully operational. 3) Ability to review current systems and generate
correct as-built drawings documenting the current system configuration. The
electronic format used to generate these drawings should also be provided.
4) Describe your ability to possess and maintain a facility clearance and
have cleared engineering personnel and technicians at the SECRET level. 5)
Provide your capabilities in being able to accomplish the objectives listed
in the attachment and how you would anticipate accomplishing these
objectives. 6) Are there any areas that are unclear in the Statement of
Objectives? If so, state your concerns. 7) What is your business size
status? 8) What would be good commercial performance measures for this
requirement? 9) What do you feel is the best contract type for this

The responses received from this RFI will be evaluated and are anticipated
to be used to determine the proper course of action should a solicitation be
issued in the future for this requirement. Thus, it is the USSS preference
that any interested party respond to all questions and issues above as
thoroughly as possible. All responses to this Request For Information notice
shall be received by the Government no later than 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard
Time on 6 December 2006. Offerors shall either e-mail or mail their
responses to the United States Secret Service, 950 H Street NW, Suite 6700,
Attn: Kim Trang, Washington, DC 20223. Email responses are highly preferred
as information mailed may be delayed due to increased security screening.
Email to: Kim.Trang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx If you have any questions please direct
them in writing via email to Kim Trang or Cheryl Bernhard. Phone calls are

I'm also attaching the draft PWS/SOO which was attached to the Sources
Sought notice.  Please note, this is really a .zip file.  Due to the recent
viruses, I have changed the extension so that you can view it.  I suggest
saving the file to your computer, then renaming to remove the .pdf, leaving
a .zip extension.


Benjamin Senker

USSS Procurement Division


From: Benjamin Senker [mailto:Benjamin.Senker@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 11:29 AM
To: 'Dan.Sturdivant@xxxxxxx'
Subject: Romem Aqua Systems Company (RASCo)

Mr. Sturdivant,

I received your name from Jeff Rosenfeld, the USSS HCA, as the cognizant POC
for RASCO.  The USSS received a letter (Kevin Boshears was cc'd) dated 19
Jul 07 from RASCO.  I tried calling you on 205-0129, but no voicemail was
active.  I do not know if this is a correct number for you.  Please call or
email so we can discuss the letter, and the USSS' position on the subject.

If you are not a correct POC, please accept my apologies for the
inconvenience and kindly direct me to the correct individual.

Benjamin P. Senker

Chief, Protective Research Acquisition Branch

Procurement Division

United States Secret Service

202.406.6795 (phone)

202.406.6801 (fax)


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