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This does not sound enjoyable.  Thanks for this info Jeff!

Ray at work

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> Just a quick heads up.  I have 2 computers in 2 different networks.  I
> spent a few hours trying to figure out why my accounting guy could not
> get on the Internet.  I got him up and running.  Later that 
> night a lady
> from a different company ( and network ) called and said she could not
> get on the Internet.  She said the bottom bar was showing badurl
> grandstreetinteractive.  I looked it up on the Trend site and found
> nothing, so I did a Google search and found a bunch of usenet posts
> about it.  I also found a Trend link with the removal instructions.  I
> got the lady all set and when I came in to the other office today, the
> accounting guy said he could not get on the Internet again.  I did a
> search on his PC and found the same virus file on his pc that the lady
> had last night.  Wupdt.exe was the file name.  She is running Norton
> 2004 and he is running Trend.  In both cases this virus had installed
> itself in the Anti virus software folders.  Hers was in
> Symnantec\Quarantined and his was in Offscan\suspect.  When I got his
> cleaned up enough to get on the Trend Micro Housecall site, I ran the
> online scan.  I was watching the screen and it said it had scanned 0
> files.  Then a Pop up screen came on, that said Housecall has 
> found and
> cleaned Troj_argent.c please restart your computer.
> To make a short story long, we now have a virus, that tells 
> you that it
> has been removed, so please restart your computer so it can re-infect
> you.

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