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Neil - That's wonderful!  Now my only question is where you found that info
(such as your technical note).

Thanks again,


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Sorry :)  I see what you are after (I think). As far as I can see there is
very little interconnection between SFS, Exchange and AD, so I would think
these would not be required. However, I wasn't aware that you could run
SBS2000 without AD.

Anyway, the SFS has it's own MMC, and all settings are independent of
AD/Exchange. However, if you want to route faxes through email or receive
confirmations via email then you need to set up the link to Exchange, but
this is just a case of filling in the SMTP server details on the SFS MMC,
assuming Exchange is installed.

At the workstation end, the SFS client is used just like any other printer
attached to the network.

On a technical note, the Shared Fax Service requires that only these
services are running:

    Plug and Play
    Print Spooler

No services require SFS to be running.



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> Neil,
> Thanks - maybe I wasn't clear.  We have SBS2000.  I was just trying to 
> determine which other components SFS requires (like AD, exchange, 
> etc). Otherwise, we could get by with a simple workgroup setup.
> That being said, the needs are basic too.  That's why we're looking at 
> an included product that (hopefully) doesn't require lots of other 
> supporting applications to configure.
> Best,
> Mark
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> You need SBS2000. AD and Domain are part and parcel of an SBS2000 
> network. The shared fax service is installed as part of the SBS2000 
> install. If you didn't install it originally, then re-run the SBS2000 
> setup. You also need to install the Shared Fax Client on the 
> workstation. There is plenty of documentation on the SBS2000 install 
> CD/install manual.
> For more info on SBS2000 try www.sbsfaq.com or www.sbs2000.info.
> The Shared Fax Service included with SBS2000 is very basic, although 
> we do use it. For more than just basic facilities you may be better 
> looking at third party solutions (e.g GFI Faxmaker).
> Neil
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> >
> >
> >
> > Thought I'd try again...
> >
> >
> >
> > I've got a client who wants Shared Fax Service on a new 2000 SBS 
> > installation.
> >
> > Looking into it, I'm getting hints that a domain and maybe AD are 
> > required (which otherwise aren't necessary).
> >
> > Can anyone confirm or deny and/or point me to M$ documentation that 
> > spells out the requirements for Shared Fax Service?  (Trust me - 
> > I've looked!)
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Mark

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