[windows2000] Server Upgrade Problems

  • From: "Neil Bullock" <n.bullock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 10:25:38 -0000


We've just had a server upgraded from NT4 to 2000, and put it as a new
domain in a new tree in an existing forest. (student.bc.org and the new one
is admin.bc.org).  student is the root of the forest, as it was created

We're a school, and the upgrade was done by our local education authority
(supposedly someone with an MCSE which probably expired years ago).  Since
he left, we've been having problems authenticating with the server in
admin.bc.org.  I've put myself in Enterprise Administrators on student, but
if I try to connect to \\admin_server\c$, I get prompted for a username and
password (after an awful long time).  I put in the administrator details,
and get a message saying "\\admin_server\c$ is not accessible.  You might
not have permission blah blah etc."

I'm hoping I've missed something really obvious, as we need to get this
working properly by wednesday ;)  I've tried connecting to other shares
(netlogon) and that works after a few minutes of delay (which leads me to
wonder if the admin_server is delayed while checking my credentials against
one of the other domain controllers).  In the Directory Service event log on
admin_server, there are a couple of Global Catalog errors, where it mentions
it can't contact the global catalog server.

Any ideas what might be going on here?  Can you have more than one global
catalog?  Would making admin_server into a GC go any way to solving this?

Neil Bullock, ICT Technician.
Brayton College, Doncaster Road, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 9QS
Tel: 01757 707731; Fax: 01757 213389

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