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Thanks for the advice, however, I can't even get the printer folders to open
up, even in Safe Mode.





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I had an OfficeJet D135 that was giving me a lot of pain when it was
connected directly on the network. I installed the software/driver directly
from the CD, but it just sucked up a lot of memory and made the computer
slow as hell... To "fix" that, I just uninstalled the software and made a
win 2k serve that printer to users. On the client side, I just installed the
driver that came with windows instead of the driver that came with the
printer. I cant send faxes from the local network, but it prints fine.


Eduardo Herrmann de Freitas
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Hi All, 

I have a laptop with Windows 2000 installed on it.  Before I deployed it I
installed a network based printer and all seemed fine.  Now that it is on
the clients desk, she is unable to print and I cannot open the printers
folder (it hangs the system).  I have tried going in through the control
panel etc but the computer still freezes up.  The only other clue I have is
the spoolsv.exe in Task Manager is showing a large amount of memory
consumption (20+ MB).

Can anyone shed any clues as to how I can fix this?  Other than thins
problem the computer seems fine. 

Thanks in advance, 


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