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From: Costanzo, Ray [mailto:rcostanzo@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Does anyone know if there is a practical limit to how long a Cat 5E cable
can be before you'd need to put something in the line to boost the signal,
i.e. a switch or some other device? Is a 150 foot run of Cat 5E okay? And
more so then, how about a 2000 foot run from my house to my neighbors,
assuming I have an anti-squirrel jacket on the cable and everything.

(to push it even more with off-topic questions... If I have to split coax
cable (like, for TV) into 16 different outputs, is it better to use a
1-into-16 amplifier/splitter, or use a 1-into-4 and then four 1-into-4's off

From: Angus Macdonald [mailto:Angus.Macdonald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
I think the spec is 100m per segment. I've stretched runs up to about 120m
in emergencies but above that we've had problems. A 150 foot (just under
50m, isn't it?) run should be fine.

From: Bill Beckett <Bill.Beckett@xxxxxxxxxx>
Yep 100m or 328 feet. 150 footer shouldn't be an issue

Darn top posting hooligans!

To be Hubble compliant the length of CAT5 should be no more than 90m from the Telco closet to the endpoint which leaves you 10m for cross connects and such in the closet. In practice this means that the wall run shouldn't exceed 85m to the Jack because users have a tendency to move things around and use longer than normal cables to connect from the Jack to the NIC. Anything longer than that and you should a signal booster such as a repeater or active hub.

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