[windows2000] Re: OT: Max length of Cat 5

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  • Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 11:24:59 -0700

From: Brian Lilley <Brian.Lilley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Chaps, we are about to install Gigabit ethernet connections from our shiney
new Dell Blade farm.  I have been told that we need CAT6 cables.

I think they're the best way to go if you're planning for the future.

The Gb Switches have RJ45 connectors on them.  I understand that putting
RJ45 (CAT5 spec) connectors on a CAT6 cable gives you effectively...a CAT5

Yes, CAT5 connectors are not rated for that, CAT6 comes with different connectors (though they are still the same form factor for interoperability) however just because it's RJ-45 doesn't mean it's CAT5.

I think we are supposed to buy CAT5+ or CAT5e cables (the same thing I

CAT5e will support gigabit transmissions in theory but at a lower frequency so you're much less likely to get full utilization.

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