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On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 15:01:13 -0000, Daniel Ensor wrote:

>I was going to mention that, Angus how can Sorin make them realise they need
>AC? if the dept's the way you say it sounds like their dragging their feet
>in the history of the dept. Maybe you could go on holiday and leave a
>fan-heater on full heat in the server room for two weeks that way you're not
>there when the S^^t hits the fan? 

Yeah, and I'm the one who gets to shovel up the sh!t afterwards... 

Well, we'll see how the servers live through the coming swedish
summer in a few months. They tend to be incredibly hit. 8-/ I'm
especially curious with the one server that is water-cooled and
dumps an incredible amount of heat from the radiator to the rest of
the (small) room). They can't say I didn't warn them. And I'm going
for a vacation away from Sweden this summer. <MOOAH-HA-HAH> 


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>On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 13:36:49 -0000, Angus Macdonald wrote:
>>It sounds to me that what you need is a "demonstration" of what could
>>happen. Yes it may be slightly unprofessional but it may be the only =
>>way to
>>get the message across. My organisation only discovered how dependant =
>>it was
>>on email when the server was out of action for four days. They listened =
>>my advice after that, at least for a while.
>Yes, but how? Should I sculk into the server-room late one night
>and hammer those darn things to pieces with a grossly over-sized
>mallet and burn it all up? 8*]
>We are also overly dependent on e-mail. We dicided that when the
>unix-guy who runs the mailserver goes to another (real) career, we
>will outsource the mailstuff to the university, inctead of doing it
>ourselves. A good thing. Maybe...
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>>Subject: [windows2000] OT: IT-budgeting and PHBs - Long (Was: Can't DCs
>>be ghosted??)
>>On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 04:22:28 -0800, Charles R. Buchanan wrote:
>>>Personally I think your boss needs his/her head examined. :-O  I take =
>>>that there is way more than 5000USD worth of equipment in there, =
>>>Also just how much money will be lost if that equipment has a massive
>>>failure (heat related)? How much would the company have to spend to =
>>>the equipment and how much money will be lost productivity wise? =
>>>5000 dollars isn't all that much after all IMO. :-)
>>It's like this: Our department is doing pharmaceutical drug
>>discovery research. The =FCberboss (not the boss I sort under, who is
>>in fact quite understanding and nice) has made it clear that this
>>department will not under any circumstance spend more money on IT
>>than on the actual research being done. Period. My hands are tied.
>>Being the largest, the most advanced and the most successfull (it's
>>open for disscussion...) non-commercial pharmacautical department
>>Uppsala, and maybe in Sweden, the leading ppl of our department
>>think we also have a heritage to honour. This means that IT is
>>secondary, or even further down. After all, research has
>>been done here for over 50 years, and it's only since I began as a
>>sysadmin a few years back, the IT-revolution really took off. Maybe
>>exploded is a better description... When I first started in autumn
>>2000, there were three or four shared computers on 30-40
>>PhD-students and lecturers=20
>>in a *sometimes* working workgroup. No we have AD, working
>>backup-systems, a client-server network, working e-mail, IT-support
>>and helpdesk and a server downtime of less than about one hour per
>>(it's windows after all 8-) compared to a week or so downtime per
>>month from before. Needless to say, the expansion has gone very
>>quickly, and I hope that it's only a temporary resistance to IT.
>>The professor who is the =FCberboss and holds the money is to be
>>retired in five years or so. Until then, as I said before, my hands
>>are tied. I've also tried to speak to him directly about high
>>initial costs, but that it now some three years after the
>>IT-evolution start,
>>the cost-curve is levelling out, or is even going down. Doesn't
>>help. He/they are still in the belief that research is only done in
>>a fume hood and in the lab... 8-/
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>>>>If you have that much hardware, running without AC is insane.
>>>>Can't you get
>>>>>them to cut a hole in the wall for a $300 unit or redo some of
>>>>the AC ducts
>>>>>to cover the server room?
>>>>Asked about this, but no. Forbidden. Rerouting some AC ducts from a
>>>>cold room nearby is USD 5000. I'm screwed either way. It's probably
>>>>the landlord's way of saying "if you want AC, you better pay the
>>>>whole thing, even though it's a no-brainer to reroute the ducts".
>>>>What can I say... 8-/



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