[windows2000] Re: OT: IT-budgeting and PHBs - Long (Was: Can't DC s be ghosted??)

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I was going to mention that, Angus how can Sorin make them realise they need
AC? if the dept's the way you say it sounds like their dragging their feet
in the history of the dept. Maybe you could go on holiday and leave a
fan-heater on full heat in the server room for two weeks that way you're not
there when the S^^t hits the fan? 

Happy New Year all


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On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 13:36:49 -0000, Angus Macdonald wrote:

>It sounds to me that what you need is a "demonstration" of what could
>happen. Yes it may be slightly unprofessional but it may be the only =
>way to
>get the message across. My organisation only discovered how dependant =
>it was
>on email when the server was out of action for four days. They listened =
>my advice after that, at least for a while.

Yes, but how? Should I sculk into the server-room late one night
and hammer those darn things to pieces with a grossly over-sized
mallet and burn it all up? 8*]

We are also overly dependent on e-mail. We dicided that when the
unix-guy who runs the mailserver goes to another (real) career, we
will outsource the mailstuff to the university, inctead of doing it
ourselves. A good thing. Maybe...

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>Subject: [windows2000] OT: IT-budgeting and PHBs - Long (Was: Can't DCs
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>On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 04:22:28 -0800, Charles R. Buchanan wrote:
>>Personally I think your boss needs his/her head examined. :-O  I take =
>>that there is way more than 5000USD worth of equipment in there, =
>>Also just how much money will be lost if that equipment has a massive
>>failure (heat related)? How much would the company have to spend to =
>>the equipment and how much money will be lost productivity wise? =
>>5000 dollars isn't all that much after all IMO. :-)
>It's like this: Our department is doing pharmaceutical drug
>discovery research. The =FCberboss (not the boss I sort under, who is
>in fact quite understanding and nice) has made it clear that this
>department will not under any circumstance spend more money on IT
>than on the actual research being done. Period. My hands are tied.
>Being the largest, the most advanced and the most successfull (it's
>open for disscussion...) non-commercial pharmacautical department
>Uppsala, and maybe in Sweden, the leading ppl of our department
>think we also have a heritage to honour. This means that IT is
>secondary, or even further down. After all, research has
>been done here for over 50 years, and it's only since I began as a
>sysadmin a few years back, the IT-revolution really took off. Maybe
>exploded is a better description... When I first started in autumn
>2000, there were three or four shared computers on 30-40
>PhD-students and lecturers=20
>in a *sometimes* working workgroup. No we have AD, working
>backup-systems, a client-server network, working e-mail, IT-support
>and helpdesk and a server downtime of less than about one hour per
>(it's windows after all 8-) compared to a week or so downtime per
>month from before. Needless to say, the expansion has gone very
>quickly, and I hope that it's only a temporary resistance to IT.
>The professor who is the =FCberboss and holds the money is to be
>retired in five years or so. Until then, as I said before, my hands
>are tied. I've also tried to speak to him directly about high
>initial costs, but that it now some three years after the
>IT-evolution start,
>the cost-curve is levelling out, or is even going down. Doesn't
>help. He/they are still in the belief that research is only done in
>a fume hood and in the lab... 8-/
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>>>If you have that much hardware, running without AC is insane.
>>>Can't you get
>>>>them to cut a hole in the wall for a $300 unit or redo some of
>>>the AC ducts
>>>>to cover the server room?
>>>Asked about this, but no. Forbidden. Rerouting some AC ducts from a
>>>cold room nearby is USD 5000. I'm screwed either way. It's probably
>>>the landlord's way of saying "if you want AC, you better pay the
>>>whole thing, even though it's a no-brainer to reroute the ducts".
>>>What can I say... 8-/



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