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  • Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 21:08:33 -0600

OT : Anti-Spam for Personal useI have used 2 programs for personal Anti-Spam.  

One is called Choicemail (www.digiportal.com) and acts as a pop3 relay.  It 
uses return addresses to match up against a white-list and black list primarily 
(if you aren't on either you get a challenge message for authentication).  If 
you want to see this in action, you can send me an e-mail (andrew at duey.biz). 
 It also allows for complex rules based on headers, domains, subject lines, 
etc.  Since I installed it 1.4 years ago it has blocked over 174,725 junk mails 
from my personal e-mail box.  They have a 14 day trial.  It's a little 
complicated, but works well for power users.

The other which I heard about on the Kim Komando radio program was Qurb 
(http://www.qurb.com/products/qurb-spam.php)  I tried it on my wife's computer 
and it looked good.  It was a much lighter tool, and much simpler.  Unless 
someone was on the list (whitelist) then it would move the e-mail into a junk 
mail folder, then you could review and approve senders.  It is supposed to send 
a challange to unknown senders, but I didn't get that to work (but I didn't try 
too hard either).  Near the end of the expiration period my wife's HD crashed, 
and we didn't load it back on the machine since she doesn't have much of a junk 
mail problem.  The also offer a downloadable trial.

--Andrew Duey, MCSE
Duey's Computer Service

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  I have to travel to Ohio next week for a visit with the in-laws.  Of course 
every family member within 20 miles has computer problems they want fixed.  I 
generally try to just recommend them somewhere so they can fix their own 

  My mother-in-law specifically needs some help with Spam.  I have GFI Mail 
Essentials taking care of it for me and I am not really sure what is out there 
for personal use.

  Does anyone have any recommendations on  products that can do this? 



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