[windows2000] Re: OT : Anti-Spam for Personal use

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OT : Anti-Spam for Personal useI like IHATESPAM by sunbelt software.  There
is also Mailwasher which does ok which is free for one account.  It
basically downloads the headers, notifies you which ones are spam so that
you can delete them before downloading.   If you are near Cleveland give me
a shout and we can get together for a beer.


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  I have to travel to Ohio next week for a visit with the in-laws.  Of
course every family member within 20 miles has computer problems they want
fixed.  I generally try to just recommend them somewhere so they can fix
their own problems.

  My mother-in-law specifically needs some help with Spam.  I have GFI Mail
Essentials taking care of it for me and I am not really sure what is out
there for personal use.

  Does anyone have any recommendations on  products that can do this?



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