[windows2000] Re: Messenger service reverts to manual startup - Highly OT

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True of False:

These H/K speakers are actually JBL designed and manufactured but just with
the H/K badging on the front.

Prior to these junky Polks, I had JBLs.  I blew one of them though.  :[
Prior to that, they sounded excellent.  I have JBL speakers in my family
room and car as well.  I also had a set of Polk car speakers back in the
days of high school, and they too sounded awful!  My brother's Polk home
audio speakers that he bought in lik 1988 or something sound excellent.  It
seems as though Polk is great as long as you stick with their home and
studio products only...

Ray at work 

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> Those Champagne series are nice (I have them at home)....  If 
> you really
> want to try a nice set of speakers, go for the Sound Sticks.  Yes, I
> know they're for Macs, but I have them here on my desk on my 2000 box
> and they sound sweet!!!
> I was in the California facility two weeks ago where the speakers are
> made.  Wait until you see some of the iPOD stuff coming out - great
> sound!!

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