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You can download a service from http://thethin.net <http://thethin.net>
called Autostart that allows you to run a batch file before login. The batch
file could include the network map command but I'm not sure what the effect
would be. Why do you need this? Surely as soon as someone logs in, the
mapping will be lost unless the user logigng in is the same one that runs
the sevrice.

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Sorry  Timothy, I didn´t explain good 

the mapping must exist BEFORE the user logon. Like another physical Drive


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net use h:  <file://///server/folder> \\server\folder /persistent:yes 
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Hi !

I need to mantain a drive map (example: F:) when the user 
log off, or when the computer restart (and it remains without logon). 
It´s like a service, but when I insert a new service with 
a .EXE with "net use h: \\server\folder"  doesn´t work.

I tried with administrator permissions.

Any idea ??????? 

Thanks a lot

Raül Arias

Systems Administrator 

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