[windows2000] Re: Logoff Problem

  • From: "Chris Berry" <compjma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: JAnderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:46:49 -0800

>From: "Jeff Anderson" <JAnderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I had something similar at a client when we made some GP changes.
>Delete the user profile and then see if that fixes it.

Tried that, temporarily fixed the problem, but it came back.

>Seems like the
>userprofile gets corrupted if the user was logged on during the GP
>change.  That was our experience anyway (those that weren't logged in
>during the change are fine, those that where logged in during the
>change had the exact same problem).

That was my initial thought as well, but I've made plenty of other GP 
changes while people were on with little effect.

>Have the user using ctrl+alt+del and choose logoff - probably works >just 
>fine - again, this was from our experience.  Our solution was to >use GP 
>and remove the logoff function
>from the start menu and force users to use ctrl+alt+del - once they get
>used to it, its no problem.

Yeah, tried that too, no dice, if the solution were that easy I wouldn't 
have posted it.

>Their environment is amost completely
>automated, so every couple of month we kill profiles anyway (what users
>really need is recreated with scripts, etc. and their favorites, etc.
>are always saved).

Can't do that here, too much preference data is stored in there, and they're 
real picky, heck I even back up peoples profiles.

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